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Costa Del Sol-Pillars Of The Graces Serviceboard

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Few cultures celebrate all who came before them better than the Italians. Steeped in tradition and inspired by the Roman goddesses of beauty, creativity and nature, our Pillars of the Graces Serviceboard is a fitting reinterpretation of classic Italianate style. Matched across the front with self-concealing, elaborately carved drawer panels, the Serviceboard features a wealth of unexpected embellishments. Carefully turned pillars reinforce the necessity of balance of in all things, while supporting the Earthly elegance of the natural marble top.
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Dimensions: 71.19"(w) x 40.69"(h) x 21.00"(d)
SKU: 971-11-06

Finish: Cordova
Dark Emperador natural marble top, three drawers, one silver liner