Evergreen Fog Sherwin Williams: Where & How to Use?


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Evergreen Fog Sherwin Williams is a versatile green color that brings freshness to the space. It strikes a balance between gray and green, having a minimal blue undertone that grounds it. It has a slight touch of warmth, making it easier to pair with both cool and warm tones.

In 2022 it was announced as the color of the year, as muted greens gained popularity. With the growing popularity of biophilic interiors, people are looking for ways to bring nature indoors.

The color is versatile enough to fit various painting projects, available in interior and exterior paint. It is an ideal choice if you’re looking for a less saturated green that brings serenity to the space.

Is Evergreen Fog the right pick for your painting project? This guide shares the LRV, undertones, color schemes, implementation, and more!

Evergreen Fog Sherwin Williams Overview

Evergreen Fog Sherwin Williams Review

  • LRV: 30
  • RGB: 149, 151, 138
  • Hex Value: #95978A

Evergreen Fog SW 9130 LRV

Evergreen Fog Sherwin Williams has an LRV of 30, which is on the dark side of the scale. If you aren’t familiar with this concept, we will break it down for you.

The LRV number indicates how dark or light a color is. On the scale, 0 is black, and 100 is white. The closer the LRV of a specific color is to zero, the darker that color is.

With an LRV of 30, Evergreen Fog is a mid-tone green. It might look darker in low-lighting conditions, but the green hue will still stand out nicely.

Evergreen Fog Undertones

Evergreen Fog Undertones
Credit: @blue_indigo_designs_

Green tones can vary in undertone depending on the look you want to achieve. Warm greens come with a yellow undertone, and cool greens have a slight hint of blue.

Evergreen Fog is a gorgeous cool green with blue undertones. However, the cool undertone isn’t that prominent. Thanks to its moderate presence, this magnificent green can fit both cool and warm color schemes.

Evergreen Fog also has a more pronounced gray undertone, giving it a calm and muted look. Moreover, its prominent undertone is what makes this color special.

Choosing the right green tone for your space can be challenging. Some green tones are saturated and can come off looking too intense. But this isn’t the case with Evergreen Fog. The gray undertone grounds this green color, making it look more serene.

What Colors Go with Evergreen Fog

What Colors Go with Evergreen Fog

Evergreen Fog goes with cool and warm tones. It is a perfect color for building earthy color schemes that bring nature indoors.

According to the official Sherwin Williams website, Ethereal White, Neutral Ground, and Dried Edamame go well with Evergreen Fog.

Ethereal White

Ethereal White is a subtle off-white with gray and green undertones. It leans toward the warm side of the spectrum but does not have prominent yellow undertones.

With a high LRV of 76, it is a light color that disperses light through space. Thanks to the gray undertone, it keeps its neutral nature, making it a flattering color for Evergreen Fog.

Neutral Ground

Neutral Ground is a warm white with khaki undertones. It strikes the perfect balance between a warm and a cool beige.

With a high LRV of 70, it is a gorgeous off-white that leans towards beige. However, it has the tendency to gain depth in rooms with less natural light.

Dried Edamame

Dried Edamame belongs to the yellow color family. With an LR of 36, it is a medium color. This mid-tone beige pairs nicely with greens while grounding them with its earthy appeal.

Evergreen Fog and Whites

Evergreen Fog and Whites
Credit: @melaniejoytinsley

Evergreen Fog is a versatile color that can fit cool and warm color schemes. However, there is one thing to consider when looking for the perfect white that goes with this green.

Warm whites can appear yellowish when placed next to Evergreen Fog. Color theory has the perfect explanation for this, and we will break it down for you in simple words.

Colors located opposite of each other on the color wheel are contrasting colors. Blue and yellow are the contrasting colors in this case. When you place blue next to yellow, the yellow will pop.

Now, let’s apply this in our case. As mentioned earlier, Evergreen Fog has blue undertones. Warm whites have yellow undertones, which can be more or less prominent.

Now imagine pairing Evergreen Fog with a warm white and pronounced yellow undertone. The blue undertone in the green color will make the yellow pop. As a result, your off-white will look yellowish.

Evergreen Fog has a tendency to bring out the yellow undertones in off-whites, a look that you might not be keen on. Therefore you need to be very careful with your choices. You must limit your options if you’re going for the warm and welcoming look of off-whites.

Avoid the off-whites with pronounced yellow undertones, as these tend to clash with cool tones. Sherwin Williams Alabaster and Pure White are excellent choices.

Benjamin Moore White Dove is another color that pairs well with Evergreen Fog. These off-whites have a subtle warmth but remain neutral.

Evergreen Fog pairs nicely with cool whites. The blue undertone in cool whites creates harmony with Evergreen Fog undertones. Sherwin Williams High Reflective White is an excellent option if you’re looking for a cool white for the trim.

Evergreen Fog Exterior

Evergreen Fog Exterior
Credit: @modernbrassinteriors

Evergreen Fog is a versatile exterior color that fits many architectural styles. Whether you’re looking for a fresh accent or a timeless primary color, green-gray is an excellent option. Remember that the hue can vary depending on the light exposure at different times throughout the day.

The green-gray tone is an ideal pick if you’re after fresh and non-traditional color choices. It is an earthy tone that immerses the house in the surrounding nature.

Evergreen Fog is an excellent color for traditional and Craftsman homes. However, it can make its way into modern color schemes too.

The muted green pairs nicely with natural stone. The mix of textures and earthy colors brings an organic feel making the house feel closer to nature.

The best thing about this color is that it is a true chameleon for pairing. It can work well with cool grays but also goes nicely with browns and tans.

Evergreen Fog Front Door

Evergreen Fog Front Door
Credit: @masonitedoors

Evergreen Fog is the perfect accent color for your exterior. Painting the door in a fresh green adds up to the curb appeal.

Evergreen Fog stands out nicely against the white exterior. It adds a touch of freshness to traditional white houses, wishing everyone a warm welcome.

However, the versatile green can also suit darker color schemes. It would make a perfect fit for dark gray exteriors.

Evergreen for Interior Use

Evergreen for Interior Use
Credit: @laurenratzkenrealestate

Evergreen Fog is a versatile color for any room. Its calm and serene nature is perfect for setting the mood in the bedroom. In addition, it suits a wide range of interior styles.

Evergreen Fog Kitchen Cabinets

Evergreen Fog Kitchen Cabinets
Credit: @karlos_klein

The deep green color is the perfect choice for kitchen cabinets. It is an excellent pick if you want a subtle pop of color but keep the color scheme grounded.

The best thing about Evergreen Fog is that it fits various color schemes. The color pairs with warm and cool shades to play with the hardware and countertop choices.

A simple color palette of deep green and cool whites achieves a clean look. The classic white subway tile backsplash adds visual interest to this combination but does not overpower the cabinets.

White countertops are perfect for making the gorgeous green color stand out. Complemented with subtle stainless steel hardware, the kitchen is a timeless classic.

However, you don’t have to limit yourself to a cool color scheme. Feel free to opt for a warmer vibe if this is your preference.

Evergreen Fog would look gorgeous with butcher’s block countertops. The woodgrain texture adds a decorative touch and a dose of dimension. Complemented with brushed brass hardware, the kitchen will have a modern rustic appeal.

Evergreen Fog Bedroom

Evergreen Fog Bedroom
Credit: @hunterpremo

Evergreen Fog is a calming hue that sets a relaxing atmosphere, perfect for a good night’s sleep. Painting the bedroom walls in this gorgeous green tone adds a distinctive touch. It makes the room feel closer to nature while looking incredibly stylish.

The chic bedroom is an ideal example of perfectly mixing the green color with warm accents. We love how it compliments wood, velvet, and brass. The light rug elevates the mood so the room doesn’t appear too dark.

Evergreen Fog Living Room

Evergreen Fog Living Room
Credit: @comfortandgracehome

A color scheme consisting of Evergreen Fog and cool grays set a relaxing ambiance in the living room. If you’re afraid the color might look too dark in the space, break it down with a designer’s trick.

Half wall board and batten painted in this green tone complemented with a neutral white help tone it down. Keep either element in light colors for a bright and airy interior.

Evergreen Fog Accent Wall

Evergreen Fog Accent Wall
Credit: @structurdesign

Evergreen Fog is the ideal paint color to create an accent wall. It is a fresh color that stands out but does not overwhelm the space with its depth.

A board and batten wall painted in this deep green becomes an elegant focal point. We love how they match it with natural elements to create a modern organic bedroom.

The wood furniture, subtle textures, and fiddle leaf fig bring an organic feel to the space. The green accent wall ties the elements together and keeps a relaxing vibe.

Evergreen Fog Dining Room

Evergreen Fog Dining Room
Credit: @designmdllc

Evergreen Fog sets a soothing ambiance in the dining room, perfect for relaxed gatherings. In spaces with plenty of natural light, this color will look lighter. Therefore don’t mind painting the walls with a calm hue.

Evergreen Fog Office

Evergreen Fog Office
Credit: @the_collins_group

The soothing nature of Evergreen Fog makes it an ideal choice for home offices. The natural tone calms your body and mind, allowing you to focus on your tasks and be productive.

A stylish painted arch adds a decorative touch to your workspace. It defines the working area and conveys a calm mood.

Evergreen Fog Bathroom

Evergreen Fog Bathroom
Credit: @refineanddesign

The calm green hue is a perfect choice for a modern bathroom. It stands out perfectly against the white elements, and the dark wood is an ideal accent choice.

Green is known for its calming effect on our body and mind. Painting your bathroom walls in this deep tone sets a calm and serene ambiance, perfect for relaxation and self-time after a long day.

Color Comparison

Evergreen Fog vs October Mist

Evergreen Fog vs October Mist

Evergreen Fog and October Mist are similar sage green colors but have a noticeable difference in undertones. Evergreen Fog can be referred to as a green gray, while October Mist is a green color.

The enhanced presence of a gray undertone makes Evergreen Fog a muted tone. October Mist is also a warm green but has a less gray undertone. Choosing between these colors depends on whether you choose a muted or more saturated green color.

Evergreen Fog vs Acacia Haze

Evergreen Fog vs Acacia Haze

When comparing these beautiful colors, we can notice that Acacia Haze lends more towards its gray side. Whereas Evergreen Fog still shows its green undertones.

The colors have a slight difference in depth. With only two points difference on the LR scale, Evergreen Fog is a little darker than Acacia Haze.

Evergreen Fog vs Escape Gray

Evergreen Fog vs Escape Gray

While Evergreen Fog is slightly darker when compared to Escape Gray, it also carries different undertones. The green undertones are more prominent in Evergreen Fog, giving it an earthy character.

Escape Gray lacks pronounced green undertones, leaning more toward the gray spectrum. Use this color if you’re going towards a calmer sage tone.

Evergreen Fog vs Clary Sage

Evergreen Fog vs Clary Sage

Evergreen Fog and Clary Sage belong to the same color family but still have a subtle difference. Clary Sage has more prominent yellow undertones, so it looks warmer.

Evergreen Fog has a more neutral side thanks to its gray undertones. Therefore the final choice depends on whether you want a neutral or warm green color.

Evergreen Fog vs Pewter Green

Evergreen Fog vs Pewter Green

When comparing Evergreen Fog vs Pewter Green, we notice a significant depth difference. Pewter Green has an LRV of 12, meaning it has a dark tone. With an LRV of 30, Evergreen Fog sits higher on the scale and belongs to the mid-tone greens.

In addition, Evergreen Fog has moderately warm undertones. At the same time, Pewter Green looks cooler, thanks to the cool undertones.

Evergreen Fog vs Retreat

Evergreen Fog vs RetreatWith an LRV of 21, Retreat is a darker tone that sits below Evergreen Fog on the LRV scale.

Also, Retreat has more pronounced gray undertones, bringing out the green. Evergreen Fog is a calmer color, with more gray that adds to its neutral side.

Evergreen Fog vs Oyster Bay

Evergreen Fog vs Oyster Bay

Evergreen Fog is Oyster Bay belonging to the same color family, being mid-tone greens. However, there is a noticeable difference in the presence of undertones.

Oyster Bay has more gray undertones, making it a calmer color. Whereas Evergreen Fog has more pronounced green undertones, giving it a fresh and natural appeal.

Also, there is a clear difference in warmth. Evergreen Fog tends to look warmer when compared to Oyster Bay.

Final Thoughts

Evergreen Fog is an earthy green-gray color that makes a subtle statement. It conveys a serene vibe while fitting many interior styles.

You can create cool and warm color schemes thanks to its neutral nature. Moreover, Evergreen Fog is an excellent choice for exterior, accent walls, and kitchen cabinets.

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