Greek Villa Sherwin Williams: Where & How to Use?


By Robert

Greek Villa is a variant of the white family that brightens up your space, giving a rejuvenated and confident ambiance.

As a derivative of white, Greek Villa is versatile and can be a backdrop for a wide range of colors. Additionally, Greek Villa also can be used with white to create subtle contrasts with other surfaces. Its versatility extends to the choice of finishes as it combines well with wood, tile, and carpet.

In this piece, you will understand Greek Villa’s palettes and undertones and how it applies to your interior choices. You will also learn the utility of the Greek Villa in different locations in your home.

What Color is Greek Villa Sherwin Williams?

Greek Villa Sherwin Williams

  • LRV: 84
  • RGB: 240 / 236 / 226
  • Hex Value: #F0ECE2

Greek Villa, also known as SW 7551, is a warm and creamy off-white color. The pastel color has a subtle yellow and beige touch, which accentuates and highlights details within any space. The subtle yellow in Greek Villa is calming and pleasant to behold.

Greek Villa LRV (Light Reflective Value)

The Light Reflective Value (LRV) of paint color represents the amount of light it reflects. Hence, it’s an important factor to consider when picking paints for homes, as the tone of a room impacts its occupants.

The LRV is measured on a scale from 0 to 100, with a score of 100 representing a very bright color that lightens up a room.

Colors with values closer to 0 absorb more light. Because it has a Light Reflectance Value (LRV) OF 84, Greek Villa is classified as a bright color and reflects a fair amount of ambient light.

With a high LRV and close similarity to white, you can pair the Greek Villa with a wider range of colors, with minimal challenges.

Greek Villa Undertones

Although it is neutral with no strong undertones, Greek Villa is a unique color as it is highly reflective. This means that once matched with other bolder colors, Greek Villa morphs smoothly into a dynamic array of colors.

For instance, when paired with Britannia Blue, you end up with a subtle blue glow, giving your room a dynamic tone.

The color also exerts itself on adjoining colors when the sun shines directly on it. This dominating quality makes it throw a light reflection that gives the space a subtle illumination, elevating the interior space.

When a bright light shines directly on the Greek Villa’s finished surface, it reflects on adjoining colors, softening them. If a lively space is your goal, then this might just be the way to go.

Greek Villa Sherwin Williams Palette

Combining the Greek Villa paints to obtain a sophisticated look within a space requires a proper understanding of undertones and contrasts.

Since the paint has a yellow and beige undertone, you must choose accompanying colors that do not clash. Introducing subtle but noticeable contrasts elevates the character of your space.

The room’s orientation and source of light are also major considerations, as these impact the appeal of the space during the day.

Using the Greek Villa colors in north-facing rooms will not be a challenge since the soft tone counteracts the vibrancy of the sun, giving you an evenly lit room all day.

Is Greek Villa Sherwin Williams Warm or Cool?

The warmness or coolness of a color refers to its visual and psychological impact, which is determined by the paint’s base. Colors like red, yellow, and orange constitute warmness, while blue, green, and purple are cool colors. Greek Villa by Sherwin Williams is warm due to its yellow and beige undertone.

Greek Villa Sherwin Williams Exterior

Greek Villa Sherwin Williams Exterior
Credit: @lisamendedesign

Greek Villa lends a touch of sophistication to the exterior finish. It gives a modern and minimalist touch to the facade of your building and contrasts seamlessly with the darker color of roofs, doors, and other architraves.

The color matches any architectural style and maintains its allure both day and night. It also works perfectly in hot climates, as it does not retain heat. All these are reasons Greek Villa is easy to recommend for your exterior.

Greek Villa Sherwin Williams Interior

Greek Villa Sherwin Williams Interior
Credit: @lanternlanedesigns

Greek Villa brings a warm and homely touch to the interior spaces in a home. It manifests in its highest form when combined with the right amount of lighting.

You can combine this color with upholstery, floor finish such as tiles, and furniture with the assurance of minimal clashes.

With Greek Villa, you can fit chairs, shelves, and dressers of different colors and materials with minimal consideration for clashes.

For a subtle finish, the color supports other pastel colors, such as tan and ecru. It also combines with bolder colors like Britannia Blue to create a strong contrast, giving the space character.

How to Use Greek Villa Sherwin Williams in the Home

How to Use Greek Villa Sherwin Williams in the Home
Credit: @paigegarysoldbydesign

Greek Villa Sherwin Williams Kitchens

Greek Villa Sherwin Williams Kitchens
Credit: @nicolashome

Greek Villa is a great color choice to give your kitchen a classic touch. The combination of cabinets, appliances, and flooring creates a harmonious space. The color pairs nicely with the darker accents of ironmongery within the kitchen.

The color makes the kitchen a calming space to work and engage with family and guests. This makes you want to spend more time in the space while preparing meals. Greek Villa is an optimum choice for updating and renovating your kitchen.

When using pastel colors like Greek Villa, it is advisable to use darker shades of countertops and furniture. This minimizes the propensity for the space to look bland.

Greek Villa Sherwin Williams Living Rooms

Greek Villa Sherwin Williams Living Rooms
Credit: @getshelfhelp

The living room is one of the most deserving of serenity and calmness, which is why you need Greek Villa charm in your living room. When combined with the furniture, fireplace, and floor finish, Greek Villa adds both warmth and sophistication to your living space.

The living room with a Greek Villa wall finish presents a great opportunity to experiment with bolder or darker accents and creative patterns. Feel free to express your personality and give your space some character with this color.

Greek Villa Sherwin Williams for Bathrooms

Greek Villa Sherwin Williams for Bathrooms 1
Credit: @red.nest.designs

Bathrooms are some of the most complex spaces to design in a home. Here, Greek Villa provides a fine blend of coziness and class. And it contrasts well with countertops and tile finish.

With this paint finish, you can place a wide range of ornaments in your bathroom, including murals, frames, and plants. Greek Villa pairs well with Black Fox, In the Navy, and Sashat Sand by Sherwin Williams to give your bathroom character.

Greek Villa Sherwin Williams Cabinets

Greek Villa Sherwin Williams Cabinets
Credit: @wherecoastalmeetsclassic

Cabinets are both functional and aesthetic elements in a space that are usually overlooked. With Greek Villa, your cabinet is elevated to a central character in the room. They get a truly unique feel, elevating your space by contrasting Greek Villa with other accent colors.

You can use Greek Villa for cabinets in rooms with a different wall color.  Finishing the top slab with a darker and bolder color will bring out the beautiful contrast of your cabinets.

Using darker handles on the cabinets has a similar effect, giving your space a minimalist yet classy feel. You can finish the countertop of another color with a glossy  Greek Villa finish.

The slight gray tone of the Greek Villa makes it suitable for both wall and cabinet use. You could consider finishing your cabinets with Greek Villa, as it would make an otherwise pale cabinet stand out. The color is crisp and bold, giving the space a modern touch.

Greek Villa Sherwin Williams Accent Walls or Bedrooms

Greek Villa Sherwian Williams Accent Walls or Bedrooms
Credit: @carolinanielsenhome

The high reflectivity of the Greek Villa walls makes them great for accent walls. The neutrality combines well with a wide range of colors and helps add character to the space.

You can use Greek Villa to finish balusters,  architrave, lintels, and other specific parts of the interior and exterior space. Greek Villa is a great color for cornices as it delineates the wall and floor finish in a modernist style.

Greek Villa Sherwin Williams Exterior Use

Greek Villa Sherwin Williams Exterior Use
Credit: @valleycanvas

There is a wide range of applications for Greek Villa that goes beyond simple wall finish.  The warmth in the paint stops you from mistaking it for white, giving your building a beautiful soft stance.

The color would look a lot brighter on the exterior than it would in the interior due to its exposure to direct sunlight. This makes contrast colors on lintels, columns, and floor finish stand out. You can also use Greek Villa as a trim color to line accentuate other colors as required.

The versatility of Greek Villa makes it a good choice for external finishes. When used on an external wood finish, the paint color accentuates the horizontal lines giving your home perspective. To make your roof stand out, use Greek Villa on the fascia board to contrast a deep-colored roof.

Greek Villa on the exterior displays the dynamism of the color. On a bright day, it looks off-white but gives a darker outlook on an overcast day. A similar phenomenon occurs in the winter when the house is surrounded by snow.

What Colors Go with Greek Villa Sherwin Williams?

Greek Villa is a versatile color with a wide range of colors to accompany it. It can be used extensively across your home or to accentuate other colors.

You can opt for more pastel colors to maintain the minimalism of your home or choose deeper colors to give character to your space.

Neutral Colors that Go with Greek Villa

Neutral Colors that Go with Greek Villa

As a warm neutral color, Greek Villa stands at the sweet spot for combination.

The following neutral colors work well with Greek Villa:

  • Beige: Hazelnut, Tuscan, bisque, Venetian Portico
  • Gray: Stone gray, Glaucous,
  • Black Fox: It is a variant of brown with a gold shine.

You can pair Greek Villa with other neutral colors such as Little Blue Box, Hopsack, and Peppercorn.

Bold Colors that Go with Greek Villa

Bold Colors that Go with Greek Villa

When used extensively, Greek Villa can be used with bold colors to make a space come alive. Greek Villa works well to complement bolder colors.

The following colors combine well with Greek Villa to make for exquisite spaces:

  • In The Navy: It’s a mild variant of blue that can be used extensively within a space and contrasts well with Greek Villa. In The Navy delivers a regal ambiance to the living space.
  • Illusive Green: This is a dark metallic color with cyan that depicts peace. Greek Villa stands out well, with Illusive green giving it great accents.
  • Black Fox: This color is a variant of brown with a gold shine. Black Fox gives a nice contrast to Greek Villa.

Greek Villa Sherwin Williams Finishes

The most widely used application of Greek Villa is the matte finish. This look gives the space sophistication.  Greek Villa has a shine to it which is reflected when used on glossy surfaces.

Having a glossy finish brings out the subtle yellow tone in the paint. Greek Villa comes in 124 oz. and has a Maximum Coverage area of 400 sq. Feet,

Color Comparisons

Sherwin Williams Greek Villa vs. Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee

Sherwin Williams Greek Villa vs. Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee

Greek Villa is slightly lighter than the BM Swiss Coffee, although both colors are warm and neutral. They both have green/yellow hues; however, Sherwin Williams ranks higher on the LRV scale by 0.07.

Sherwin Williams Greek Villa vs. Benjamin Moore White Dove

Sherwin Williams Greek Villa vs. Benjamin Moore White Dove

White Dove belongs to the off-white collection by Benjamin Moore and is cleaner than Greek Villa. Greek Villa is more creamy, while White Dove is a little more muted. When placed side by side, White Dove looks closer to true white.

Sherwin Williams Greek Villa vs. Snowbound

Sherwin Williams Greek Villa vs. Sherwin Williams Snowbound

Snowbound has a little more tint of red in it. However, it comes off as more neutral than Greek Villa. Snowboard has an ambiguous tone, making it a softer whiter version of Greek Villa.

Sherwin Williams Greek Villa vs. Alabaster

Sherwin Williams Greek Villa vs. Alabaster -

Greek Villa always gets confused with Alabaster. This is because they have similar gray undertones and give a sense of warmth. Greek Villa has a more yellow undertone than Alabaster does.

Sherwin Williams Greek Villa vs. Pure White

Sherwin Williams Greek Villa vs. Sherwin Williams Pure White

Greek Villa is slightly more saturated and warmer than pure white, which is cooler. Both colors match really well, as they pair shows subtle contrasts.

Top Alternatives to Greek Villa

Top Alternatives to Greek Villa

A number of top brands provide similar colors to Greek Villa. They include the following:

  • Sand Dollar by Benjamin Moore & Co: The American-based manufacturer of premium commercial paints and coatings offers the Sand Dollar, which could be used to achieve similar results.
  • Greek Villa by Behr: The subsidiary of Masco Corporation offers Salt Crystal on the market, which has a similar hue to Greek Villa.
  • Wevet by Farrow and Ball: Farrow and Ball is a British manufacturer known for paints and wallpapers based on historic color palettes.
  • Winter Mood by PPG Industry: PPG is an American Fortune 500 company and global supplier of paints, coating, and specialty materials.
  • Polar White by Valspar: This two-century-old manufacturer offers Polar White, which is similar to Greek Villa.

Greek Villa Sherwin Williams for Modern Renovations

Without a doubt, Greek Villa is a modernist color that expresses minimalism, class, and calm. This makes it a suitable pick for your renovation needs. You can give aging buildings a modern facelift by using Greek Villa extensively or accentuating specific parts of the building.

Greek Villa is a very dynamic color as it possesses hints of yellow, making it feminine; however, the touch of gray gives it a masculine look. The true nature of Greek Villa depends largely on the accentuating colors.

When other neutral pastel colors are used alongside Greek Villa, the space looks more feminine, while using bold darker colors makes the space more feminine.

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