Sherwin Williams Peppercorn: Where To Use?


By Robert

Whether you prefer a moody look or want to make a subtle statement in your home, dark grays are a popular option. Belonging to neutral colors, they fit many styles, from elegant and refined to relaxed and casual.

However, playing with dark colors can be challenging if you don’t have the experience. Grays carry different undertones, which can alter the color’s appearance under specific light conditions.

On the other hand, dark gray can potentially clash with warm tones. Before committing to this color, it would be best to understand more about it.

Peppercorn is one of the trending grays in the design world. With so many different paint colors available, you might wonder why many decide to go for this specific tone.

This post reveals more about the undertones, LRV, use, and similar colors. Once you understand them, you can determine if Peppercorn is the right match for your painting project.

What Color Is Peppercorn?

peppercorn sherwin williams

  • LRV: 10
  • RGB: (88, 88, 88)
  • Hex Value: #585858

Sherwin Williams Peppercorn is a beautiful dark gray color with the right balance between warm and cool undertones. It belongs to the neutral color family and is part of the SW Top 50 Colors collection.

Peppercorn has an LRV of 10 and is available in interior and exterior paint options. It is a versatile color that pairs well with other colors and adds a dramatic touch while still feeling softer than black.

Peppercorn is the ultimate paint choice for cabinets, accent walls, and exteriors. The neutral nature makes this color versatile enough to fit various color schemes.

Peppercorn is a true chameleon in the world of grays, having the incredible power to shift depending on the lighting. In low lighting conditions, Peppercorn tends to look almost black.

SW 7674 Peppercorn LRV

SW 7674 Peppercorn has a low LRV of 10, indicating it is pretty close to black. If you are familiar with the concept of LRV, we will break it down for you. LRV or light reflectance value indicates how light or dark a color is, where 0 on the scale is black, and 100 is white.

Peppercorn has excellent depth but doesn’t read black. It is a great choice if you want to introduce moody vibes, but the starkness of black doesn’t fit your vision.

Another thing that could influence a color’s depth is the finish. Sherwin Williams offers different finishes ranging from matte to glossy.

If you decide on a glossy finish that provides durability, don’t forget that your paint color will look darker. The sheen reflects the light, which causes your gray to appear darker.

Sherwin Williams Peppercorn Undertones

Sherwin Williams Peppercorn has cool undertones. However, it is a relatively neutral gray with less prominent blue hints.

Every gray has a specific undertone, which can be more pronounced under particular conditions. However, Sherwin Williams Peppercorn is referred to as being a true gray.

Even though it has minimal hints of blue and purple, they aren’t prominent. The deep grau isn’t likely to surprise you with pronounced undertones.

Some grays show their strong undertones, which can alter how it looks in your room. However, this isn’t the case with Peppercorn.

This color looks its best in rooms with north-facing windows. The cool light brings out the best of this gray and doesn’t pick up the presence of glaring undertones.

The trickiest thing when picking a color is getting the right undertones. Since the final look of your paint depends on the lighting conditions, you would want to test a sample.

Get a peel-and-stick sample of Peppercorn to see how this color performs in your chosen room. This kind of sample is perfect if you don’t want to get messy, and it helps you in decision-making before committing to a color.

Next, you would want to consider how Peppercorn fits in your color scheme. When placed in proximity to other colors, the undertones can become more or less prominent.

Peppercorn is a relatively neutral color that might not significantly influence other colors. However, you would want to play it safe and see how it matches your color palette.

Sherwin Williams Peppercorn Coordinating Colors

Sherwin Williams Peppercorn Coordinating Colors

According to the Sherwin Williams site, Nebulous White, Windfresh White, and Willow Tree are coordinating colors. These neutrals perfectly pair with Peppercorn to create a neutral color palette that induces a sense of calmness in the space.

Nebulous White

Sherwin Williams Nebulous White is a bright, stark white, and its slight gray undertone perfectly flatters Peppercorn. The color belongs in the white color family and features cool undertones with a subtle hint of blue.

Moreover, it is an excellent choice if you want a cool white that will accentuate the trim. It provides the perfect contrast while being in harmony with Peppercorn’s undertones.

Windfresh White

Sherwin Williams Windfresh White is another coordinating color belonging to the white color family. It is an excellent cool white to consider if you prefer a little more depth considering the LRV of 69.

This color gravitates toward greige, perfectly complementing gray and beige paint colors. Therefore it is a fantastic pick if you want a soft and subtle trim paint.

Willow Tree

Sherwin Williams Willow Tree belongs to the green color family, the perfect pick if you wish to elevate Peppercorn with a touch of freshness. It has a minimal touch of gray to soften the color and set a tranquil mood.

Peppercorn and Willow Tree are the ideal formula for a stylish house exterior. Use the muted green for siding and accentuate the doors and trim with the deep Peppercorn.

These were the recommendations by the Sherwin William website to curate a flawless color palette. However, you are free to experiment and pair the colors to suit your space and personal preference.

Sherwin Williams Peppercorn Exterior

Sherwin Williams Peppercorn Exterior
Credit: @magruderhomes

Peppercorn is a gorgeous gray that looks well as a primary exterior paint but also works for accents. Painting a house in this versatile gray makes a bold statement.

Or you can choose a lighter color for the siding and highlight the trim and shutters with Peppercorn. Either way, be sure it works with so many different architectural styles.

From contemporary to traditional, Peppercorn is a versatile color choice that fits them all. This color flatters sleek contemporary homes and modern farmhouses thanks to its neutral nature.

Peppercorn works well with lighter shades of gray to create the perfect exterior color palette. Designers like using wooden accents to soften this color and give it an inviting look.

However, there are two things to be careful with. Peppercorns can clash with warm colors and not look as expected. To avoid such situations, it is always entered to sample your color.

Moreover, this dark color might not be ideal if your house is in the shade. The exterior might look too dark for your taste due to a lack of sunlight.

A gray house exterior exposed to sunlight will have a softer look. As mentioned earlier, it looks almost black if your house is in the shade.

Sherwin Williams Peppercorn Exterior Trim

Sherwin Williams Peppercorn Exterior Trim
Credit: @kristianpatterson_

Peppercorn is an ideal paint choice for a cozy farmhouse exterior. It looks bold yet inviting, thanks to the subtle warmth.

Crisp white is an excellent choice for painting the trim if your idea of an exterior palette is to create a bold contrast. The bright color highlights the stunning architectural features of this farmhouse, creating a simple color scheme that works for other styles as well.

Sherwin Williams Peppercorn Interior Use

Peppercorn is a highly versatile color that compliments various interior styles, making it an ideal pick for walls and cabinets. Its neutral side can fit modern farmhouse, boho chic, and Scandinavian styles while adding a touch of personality.

In combination with other colors, textures, and materials, this color can be adjusted to suit your desired mood.

Sherwin Williams Peppercorn Cabinets

Sherwin Williams Peppercorn Cabinets
Credit: @crownpointcabinetry

If you’re after a modern kitchen with a dark finish that makes a remarkable statement, Peppercorn would be your ultimate choice for the cabinets. The understated elegance combined with brass accents is the perfect formula for a dreamy kitchen.

The overall mood in this kitchen can be described as modern and cozy while still introducing character. The classic subway tile backsplash contrasts the dark gray, highlighting its timeless beauty.

The mood board should have dark gray, metal accents, wood details, and simple subway tile to recreate the modern farmhouse kitchen look.

Sherwin Williams Peppercorn Bathroom

Sherwin Williams Peppercorn Bathroom
Credit: @amberbenjamindesignbuild

I even believed that light colors were reserved for the bathroom for a long time. However, the design concept for this room has evolved through the years.

Now designers are stimulating the use of dark colors to add a decorative touch to this space which was once considered solely for its functional aspect.

Sherwin Williams Peppercorn Bathroom Cabinets
Credit: @levelsandlace

If you want to give the worn-out cabinets a fresh coat of paint, Peppercorn is an excellent option to consider. It makes a stunning statement in the bathroom and can be easily paired with other colors and finishes.

The dark gray cabinets look elegant and sophisticated, featuring Peppercorn paint, matte black fixtures, and brass hardware. The creamy white color emphasizes the beauty of the gray cabinets, setting a calm and serene ambiance.

Sherwin Williams Peppercorn Front Door

Sherwin Williams Peppercorn Front Door
Credit: @k.leggett_interiors

Repainting the front door is a simple and easy project that does well in improving curb appeal. Peppercorn is a versatile color that complements many color schemes, being the perfect candidate for accents.

Its cool undertones pair flawlessly with crisp white siding. However, you aren’t limited to stark whites when creating the perfect color scheme.

A front door painted in Peppercorn flatters warm white, light gray, and muted green siding. Whether you prefer a strong contrast or a monochrome look, you can always execute it with this color.

Sherwin Williams Peppercorn Bedroom

Sherwin Williams Peppercorn Bedroom
Credit: @jennys.things

Making a statement in a bedroom can be challenging. Vibrant colors elevate energy, which isn’t desired in a space dedicated to peace and relaxation.

If you still wish to introduce a statement point, a neutral and bold color is the right way to achieve the look. A focal wall painted in Peppercorn makes a remarkable statement while keeping a calm and serene ambiance.

The other elements are kept neutral, while the focal wall stands out with its color and texture. Painting shiplap in this gorgeous dark gray is an excellent way to update your bedroom.

Sherwin Williams Peppercorn Accent Wall

Sherwin Williams Peppercorn Accent Wall
Credit: @ourstonewoodestate

A board and batten accent wall painted with Peppercorn makes a lovely statement in a modern bedroom. Thanks to its neutral nature, it pairs lovely with warm accents.

The space is flooded with natural light, so there is more freedom to play with a deeper color. The subtle color scheme of a mix of off-whites and creamy tones introduces a touch of coziness.

The other walls are painted subtly off-white to make the accent wall stand out with this beauty. The hardwood flooring adds a touch of Walmart, balancing the gray tone.

Sherwin Williams Peppercorn Fireplace

Sherwin Williams Peppercorn Fireplace
Credit: @russellcreeksawmill

Peppercorn is a bold and outstanding color that highlights the gorgeous architectural features of your home. When a cozy fireplace is the main focal point in your living room, it is time to highlight its beauty.

A modern fireplace accentuated with Peppercorn is the central point of interest in the living room. The comfy seating area is in front of this statement feature, creating a close conversational area.

The neutral side of Peppercorn makes it versatile enough to fit different color schemes. It pairs perfectly with creamy tones and camel brown.

Comparing Peppercorn To Other Dark Grays

The big brands in the paint industry provide a wide range of grays for you to choose from. When seeing the samples, you might think they are identical.

However, the colors provided have differences. The depth and presence of undertones are what make colors look different.

In addition, we compare the most popular dark gray tones and how they differ from Peppercorn. The insights help you better understand your choices so you can pick the right fit for your home.

Sherwin Williams Peppercorn vs Iron Ore

Sherwin Williams Peppercorn vs Iron Ore


Iron Ore and Peppercorn are popular tones and belong to the gray color family. Even though they might appear identical, there are differences in the depth and undertone.

Iron Ore has an LRV of 7, sitting very close to black on the LRV scale. For a quick reminder, Peppercorn has an LRV of 10, indicating it is slightly lighter.

While Iron Ore is deeper gray, it features less prominent undertones. It is a true charcoal tone when used in the space, while Peppercorn can show traces of a green undertone under warm light.

Sherwin Williams Peppercorn vs Grizzle Gray

Sherwin Williams Peppercorn vs Grizzle Gray

Peppercorn and Grizzle Gray are two similar gray tones. But there is a difference in their depth and undertone.

Grizzle Gray has an LRV of 13, which sits higher on the scale than Peppercorn. This comparison indicates Peppercorn is slightly darker gray.

Grizzle Gray has green-blue undertones but leans more toward the cool side. When facing warm light, Peppercorn has more prominent green undertones.

Sherwin Williams Peppercorn vs Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal

Sherwin Williams Peppercorn vs Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal

Sherwin Williams Peppercorn and Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal are deep gray tones from different brands. Yet they have a slightly expressed difference in warmth and depth.

Kendall Charcoal has an LRV of 14, sitting slightly higher on the scale. With this, it is a lighter tone compared to Peppercorn.

Despite being lighter, Kendall Charcoal is a warmer gray. Its minimal yellow hues warm up the dark tone, unlike Peppercorn, which appears stark thanks to the presence of cool undertones.


If you need a dark color that still has subtle softness, Peppercorn is a good choice. It is a dark color that makes contrast but doesn’t look too dark, like black.

Designers and home decor enthusiasts love this color for its neutral side. While similar dark grays show cool or warm undertones, Peppercorn strikes the perfect balance.

The harmony between blue, purple, and green undertones makes it less likely for this color to surprise you. However, test a sample in your space to see how it behaves under specific lighting.

Peppercorn is a great paint choice for spaces flooded with natural light, highlighting its softness. The same goes for house exteriors, as houses in the shade might look too dark for your taste.

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