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An alluring, cool and calming shade of green, Pewter Green may be one of your top choices for exterior walls, a bedroom, kitchen cabinets or an office space. You want to know more about it, don’t you? Let’s give you a review then!

Keep reading to learn about Pewter Green undertones, finish options, pairing ideas, ideal spaces, mood, color comparisons, price and availability, and many more. But first, what is Pewter Green by Sherwin Williams?

Introduction to Pewter Green

Introduction to Pewter Green

  • LRV: 12
  • RGB: 94, 98, 89
  • Hex Value: #5E6259

Pewter Green (SW 6208), location number 217-C6,  is a medium to dark grayish green color that may appear as a deep, dark sage or olive. Its lovely, cool tones complement most natural home decor elements, like wood and metal.

Although this shade of green can look like a dark gray, it is most certainly green and can add a mature feel to any room you add it in! It is an ideal paint color for indoor and outdoor spaces as it has a neutral color palette.

Pewter Green Undertones

Sherwin Williams Pewter Green has moderate gray undertones. While they can be somewhat warm and tend towards olive, the undertones are mostly cool, almost metallic even.

This dark green paint is, for the most part, neutral. While its metallic undertones give it a cool vibe, it also has warm yellow tones as a deep olive.

It can look different in different lighting conditions or in different spaces. That’s why it is so important to sample the paint in whatever space you intend to use it.

Check how it looks in the day, at night and with different lighting before making a choice.

  • In a west-facing room that gets more muted light in the morning and more direct light in the afternoon, the warmth, olive side and blue tones of Pewter Green are accented past noon.
  • Using this paint color in a room that faces east, which tends to get more direct light before noon and more muted light past noon brings out its cooler gray tones in the afternoon.
  • North-facing rooms, which ideally get light reflected in them rather than direct sunlight, will see this green paint as more crisp, pale and cool.
  • In rooms that face south, lastly, which get lots of strong and clear light from the sun during the day, Pewter Green tends to look warm, with bluish gray undertones.

Pewter Green Light Reflectance Value (LRV)

If you’re new to this, let me introduce you to the concepts of LRV, RGB and hex color code when it comes to paint color. These details acquaint you more with the shade.

Light reflectance value, known as LRV for short, is “the percentage of visible and usable light that is reflected from a surface when illuminated by a light source” (Grestec).

In other words, it is a number from 0 (the color absorbs all light) to 100 (the color reflects all light) that quantifies a particular color’s brightness, indicating the level of light and heat that it would reflect.

For more clarity, the LRV of pure black is 0% and that of pure white is 100%. Pewter Green by Sherwin Williams has an LRV of 12! This means it is a medium-dark paint color that reflects some amount of light.

According to Sherwin Williams, the hex color code of Pewter Green is #5E6259. Its RGB value is rgb(94, 98, 89). You don’t have to know these values by heart but it is important to know them.

Finish Options and Trim Color for Pewter Green

The finish or sheen of a paint simply means the amount of light that reflects off a painted surface after it has dried. This affects how shiny the paint is when dry, how durable the paint is on the surface, and how easy it will be to clean.

There are six types of paint finishes, which most paints have: high-gloss, semi-gloss, satin, low-luster, eggshell and flat or matte paint finishes. High-sheen or high-gloss surfaces are tough, stain resistant and easy to clean.

However, surfaces with high-gloss sheen tend to attract more attention to themselves, especially when used in interior spaces so if your intent for a particular area is to hide it, avoid a glossy finish for your Pewter Green paint.

Semi-gloss paints are still reflective, durable and easy to clean, but not as much as high-gloss paints. In between your glossy and matte finishes,  satin, low-luster and eggshell finishes are warm, somewhat reflective still and stain resistant still.

The last category is flat or matte paints. They are not reflective and so they do not attract as much attention to themselves, thus making it easier for them to hide defects.

It is ideal to use this finish on any surface you’d like to mute. It is quite difficult to remove stains from paints that this finish is applied to. There is another option — to mix two sheens and achieve an in-between finish.

Now that we have explored different finish options, it is up to you to choose a sheen or finish for your Pewter Green paint depending on where you would like to use it. You might want to use satin or eggshell sheen for walls painted Pewter Green.

You can use glossy finishes (high-gloss and semi-gloss) on surfaces like wood and house trim. Trim is the collective name for practical and decorative materials used to cover gaps between two areas, or encase fixtures like windows and doors.

Choosing a suitable paint color is not all there is to a paint job; it is also important to choose a good trim color. For Pewter Green it is generally a good idea to use white or other warm, bright colors.

Pewter Green Complementary Colors and Pairing Ideas

Pewter Green Complementary Colors

Complementary or opposite colors are pairs of colors that, when combined, produce white or black because they “cancel each other out”.

These color pairs contrast each other so much when placed side by side, that they are opposite each other on the color wheel. The direct opposite of green on the color wheel is red.

For this reason, several shades of the derivatives of red (like pink, orange and purple) provide contrast with or against sage green. And Pewter Green, as established, is a dark sage green.

Some contrasting paint colors that can be used to complement Pewter Green are Autumn Orchid, Cavern Clay and Universal Khaki, all by Sherwin Williams.

Pewter Green and Autumn Orchid

Autumn Orchid (SW 9157) is a purple paint color suitable for both interior and exterior use. It is a warm and calming grayish mauve that contrasts but complements Pewter Green beautifully.

Pewter Green and Cavern Clay

Cavern Clay (SW 7701) is another great contrast to Pewter Green that also works really well with it in the same space. This is also a muted color but it is an entirely warm orange-red mid tone.

Pewter Green and Universal Khaki

The last contrasting color we will discuss is Universal Khaki. It (SW 6150) is another warm mid tone, neither too dark nor too light. It is tan, a pale brown that is also a derivative of red.

Pewter Green Coordinating Colors and Pairing Ideas

Pewter Green Coordinating Colors -

In this section, we will learn some examples of colors that you can pair or coordinate with Pewter Green to accentuate it well. This gives you an idea of other colors to use in your space.

Generally, this dark sage green goes beautifully with neutral and natural earthy tones, as per its neutral color palette, like warm creamy whites, woody tones, browns and beige.

Some of the best pairing ideas for Pewter Green are with Spare White, Shoji White, Alabaster, Silvermist, Comfort Gray, Oyster Bay, Retreat, Argos and Casa Blanca, all by Sherwin Williams, and Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore.

Pewter Green and Spare White

Spare White (SW 6203), like its name suggests, is a white paint with a cool and subtle green undertone. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, it is one of the best coordinating colors for Pewter Green.

Pewter Green and Shoji White

Shoji White (SW 7042) is another paint color in the white family. This one is a warm and creamy white with grayish beige undertones. It goes great with Pewter Green, adding a cozy touch to a space.

Pewter Green and Alabaster

Alabaster by Sherwin Williams (7008) also belongs to the white family. Like Shoji White, it is a warm shade. It is also balanced, adding a snug, restful feel to spaces like bedrooms and baths.

Pewter Green and Casa Blanca

Casa Blanca (SW 7571) is bright white with yellow undertones. This paint goes remarkably well with the darker, more neutral tones of Pewter Green, adding warm to the room.

Pewter Green and Silvermist

Silvermist (SW 7621) is a bit different from all the colors we’ve discussed. It is a cool blue color with some green and slate gray undertones. Perfect for bedrooms, it is another great option with Pewter Green.

Pewter Green and Comfort Gray

This is a lighter color in the green family. Comfort Gray (SW 6205) is a cool grayish green paint suitable mostly for bed and bathrooms. Pair it with Pewter Green to add a more calm feel.

Pewter Green and Oyster Bay

Another great coordinating color for Pewter Green is Oyster Bay. This paint (SW 6206) is also a neutral green, with slate blue undertones that add a layer of coolness and tranquility to a space.

Pewter Green and Retreat

Retreat (SW 6207) is yet another green paint color. Like Pewter Green, it is muted but it has a higher LRV and a more obvious bluish gray undertone.

Pewter Green and Argos

Having covered whites, a blue and greens, let’s look at a more neutral coordinating color for Pewter Green. Argos (SW 7065) is a well balanced gray color that can be used in any space.

Pewter Green and Chantilly Lace

Lastly, Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore (OC-65 or 2121-70) is a classic off white color with warm undertones. It pairs very well with blues and greens, and Pewter Green is a great choice.

Real Life Photos of Spaces Pewter Green Works In

Real Life Photos of Spaces Pewter Green Works In
Credit: @franksonthelake

Now that we have discussed some pairing ideas for Pewter Green, what are some spaces it works in? Pewter Green works with different interior styles, whether classic, traditional or modern.

A medium-dark paint color like this is most used on accent or feature walls, cabinets (especially in the kitchen), kitchen islands and exterior walls.

Pewter Green on a Front Door

Pewter Green on a Front Door
Credit: @freshexchange

Pewter Green can be used on your front door to add a welcoming vibe to the home. White is excellent for the walls and as a trim color when you use this deep green.

Pewter Green on Exterior Walls

Pewter Green on Exterior Walls 2
Credit: @l_mario

While this color is mostly used indoors, Pewter Green is also excellent for the exterior walls of houses and sheds, or even on the roofs.

Pewter Green on Accent or Feature Walls

Pewter Green on Accent or Feature Walls
Credit: @sherryhdesigns

This color is splendid on feature walls in living rooms or dining areas. White or some other creamy, warm color can be used opposite Pewter Green or as a trim color.

Pewter Green in Living Rooms

Pewter Green in Living Rooms
Credit: @athomedesignandstaging

If you would like to use Pewter Green not just for an accent wall in your living room, you can use it on the entire space — it sure looks gorgeous! Different warm whites with other natural colors definitely make it more welcoming.

Pewter Green on Kitchen Cabinets

Pewter Green on Kitchen Cabinets
Credit: @mymitzi

This color is most known for use in kitchens, especially on kitchen cabinets. It adds a sense of cleanliness to the space, and goes well with white wall paint.

Pewter Green on a Kitchen Island

Pewter Green on a Kitchen Island
Credit: @marjorie_verschueren

Pewter Green can be further used on kitchen islands, just as it is used on cabinets.

Pewter Green in Bathrooms

Pewter Green in Bathrooms 1
Credit: @katieprescottdesign

It looks cool and calm. Pewter Green is an excellent color to use in spaces intended to be tranquil, such as bathrooms and bedrooms.

Pewter Green in Bedrooms

Pewter Green in Bedrooms
Credit: @burlapstreet

Pewter Green also adds calming, tranquil vibes to a bedroom. When paired with some other bright but warm color, it could facilitate a good night’s rest!

Pewter Green in an Office

Pewter Green in an Office

This paint can add a sense of maturity and seriousness to an office space, yet it remains relaxing. Wooden furniture can elevate this look further.

When choosing this paint color for a room, be it a living room, bathroom or bedroom, consider lighting, furniture and other colors in the space.

These are important for the right feel. Warm lighting, wooden furniture and lighter colors around will give you the best from Pewter Green in your space. Remember, it can also be used:

Mood and Feel

What is the mood and/or feel of Pewter Green? This paint is a dark but elegant and calming color. It is a moody, metallic and intense shade of green that still feels natural and relaxing.

Pewter Green also has cool, relaxing psychological effects. This is because it is a neutral tone associated with balance, tranquility, calmness and balance.

Similar Color Comparisons

There are a number of colors similar to Pewter Green. We have discussed some as coordinating colors, so let us go ahead and compare this green to close colors.

Pewter Green vs Privilege Green

Pewter Green vs Privilege Green

With an LRV of 23, Privilege Green (SW 6193) by Sherwin Williams is a lighter tone than Pewter Green. This cool deep green has bluish gray undertones, with its gray subtler than that of Pewter Green.

Pewter Green vs Rosemary

Pewter Green vs Rosemary

Another Sherwin Williams paint in the green color family that resembles Pewter Green is Rosemary (SW 6187). It is a slightly lighter shade, with an LRV of 14, of deep green with cool gray undertones.

Pewter Green vs Acacia Haze

Pewter Green vs Acacia Haze

Acacia Haze (SW 9132) is a much brighter color than Pewter Green, with an LRV of 32. It is a medium green with slate blue undertones that can also serve as a great coordinating color.

Pewter Green vs Ripe Olive

Pewter Green vs Ripe Olive

With its LRV of 6, Ripe Olive (SW 6209) is darker than Pewter Green. It is a deeper but still neutral green with more prominent bluish gray undertones.

Pewter Green vs Night Owl

Pewter Green vs Night Owl

Lastly, Night Owl (SW 7061) has an LRV of 13. It is a slightly brighter color than Pewter Green, but is in the neutral or gray family. It is a mixture of green and dark gray, with an additional bluish green touch.

Other Brands’ Alternatives to Pewter Green

Other Brands’ Alternatives to Pewter Green

If you’re looking for alternatives for Pewter Green from other major brands, keep reading. We are looking into other paints that are the close versions of the dark sage green color in this section.

Pewter Green Behr Equivalent: Woodland Moss

Woodland Moss (PPF-445), like Pewter Green, has an LRV of 12. It is a medium dark green with bluish gray undertones and is very similar to Pewter Green. You can compare both shades or use this instead.

Pewter Green Benjamin Moore Equivalent: Dark Olive

Dark Olive (2140-30) by Benjamin Moore is another dark and muted color in the green family. With an LRV of 13.52, it is lighter than Pewter Green but is also very similar.

Pewter Green Farrow & Ball Equivalent: Down Pipe

A good equivalent for Pewter Green by Farrow & Ball, although not in the green family, is Down Pipe (No. 26). It is a dark or deep lead gray with some blue undertones and an LRV of 14.9.

Pewter Green PPG Equivalent: Pinetop

Pinetop (PPG 1125-7) is a neutral and lush green. Like Pewter Green, it is a neutral color but with an LRV of 9, it is darker. It may serve as a very good substitute.

Pewter Green Valspar Equivalent: Flora

The last Pewter Green equivalent, with an 11.8% LRV, we will discuss is Flora (5004-2C) by Valspar. It has been described as a deepened olive, with cool undertones also, that brilliantly pairs with wood.

Application Tips for Pewter Green

To save hassles and set realistic expectations, here are some application tips for you as you use this beautiful, calming green in your space.

Coverage and Touch Ups

Pewter Green by Sherwin Williams is a very durable paint that leaves a smooth finish no matter the sheen. It dries fast and coats most surfaces very well once applied.


Priming involves preparing a surface to be painted. It is the application of primer or undercoat on the surface to be painted. Priming is an important step in any paint job.

It helps the paint stick better, makes it more durable and adds one more layer of protection to the surface or object being painted. It can also hide stains and ensure that the paint color comes out better.

Generally, green paints go with gray primers although white is most often recommended for other colors. Gray primers make for “better touch-up, superior hide and more uniform color” (Sherwin Williams).

If you’re confused, you don’t need to be! There are directions on what shade of gray to use as a base coat for any paint by Sherwin Williams; all you need to do is follow them.

Price and Availability

Pewter Green Sherwin Williams Price

You can easily order a gallon of Pewter Green paint on the Sherwin-Williams website. Samples go for anywhere between $5 and $10. Per gallon, prices range from $44.5 to $116.5 depending on sheen.

Pewter Green: This or That?

Trendy or Classic?

While Pewter Green is trendy, it is definitely a natural, balanced green that maintains a classic style.

Retro or Contemporary?

Pewter Green has a vintage vibe about it. While still relevant in modern decor, it has a slightly more retro feel.

Masculine or Feminine Appeal?

Of course, Pewter Green can be used in either space. However, this cool, dark green color with bluish gray undertones has more of a masculine appeal.


Here you have it — a paint color review for Pewter Green by Sherwin Williams. This dark but balanced shade has definitely become more known recently, and it is expected to continue increasing in popularity!

The RGB and hex values seem to important on paint color reviews. I may not need to explain what they mean but I do think it’s important to have them.

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