Sea Salt Sherwin Williams: Where & How to Use


By Robert

Are you considering the cool, tranquil green tone of Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams for a space?

We know that choosing a paint color might prove to be a little more difficult than you expect. That is why we have made a paint color review available to you: to make the process easier!

Here, we discuss pairing ideas, undertones, ideal spaces, color comparisons and many more.

What Is Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams?

Sea Salt Sherwin Williams

  • LRV: 63
  • RGB: 205, 210, 202
  • Hex Value: #CDD2CA

Sea Salt (SW 6204), location number 217-C1, is a gorgeous light but muted green paint with blue undertones. The calm elegance of this color adds a relaxing touch to any space, even reminding us of water at the beach.

In addition, Sea Salt goes with a number of bright or neutral colors to add a beautiful coastal feel to your home. It is a very popular paint color because it is so versatile.

Sea Salt LRV

If you’re new to this, let me introduce you to the concepts of LRV, RGB and hex color code when it comes to paint color. These details acquaint you more with the shade.

Light reflectance value, known as LRV for short, is “the percentage of visible and usable light that is reflected from a surface when illuminated by a light source” (Grestec).

In other words, it is a number from 0 (the color absorbs all light) to 100 (the color reflects all light) that quantifies a particular color’s brightness, indicating the level of light and heat that it would reflect.

For more clarity, the LRV of pure black is 0% and that of pure white is 100%. Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams has an LRV of 63! This means it is a light-depth paint color that reflects a lot of light in a bright room.

The hex color code of Sea Salt is #CDD2CA. Its RGB value is RGB (205, 210, 202).

How Lighting Affects Sea Salt

How Lighting Affects Sea Salt
Source: @villazephyrhhi

For a light paint color like Sherwin Williams Sea Salt, it is best to use average lighting to ensure that the room or space is bright but not the paint does not reflect harshly.

Dim light in rooms painted this color makes the paint fall flat and does not bring out its character. Lots of direct lighting, whether natural or otherwise, in the room makes Sea Salt more muted and washed out.

Sea Salt Undertones

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt is a muted green with moderate gray and blue undertones. Although it is closer to the yellow than the blue side of the green, the gray brings out some more blue.

This light green paint is, for the most part, cool. However, how it appears in your space would depend on other factors, including flooring, furniture, trim colors and, of course, lighting.

It would ultimately help to get paint samples and test this color out in your space.

Sampling ensures that you check how the color looks in the day, at night and with different lighting options before making a choice.

• West-facing rooms: In a west-facing room that gets more muted light in the morning and more direct light in the afternoon, the warmer tones of Sea Salt become more pronounced past afternoon. This is because of the reddish orange light of the setting sun.

• East-facing rooms: Using this paint color in a room that faces east, which tends to get more direct light before noon and more muted light past noon brings out its green tones in the morning and the blue past afternoon.

• North-facing rooms: North-facing rooms, which ideally get light reflected in them rather than direct sunlight, will bring out the bluish gray undertones of this paint and make it appear darker.

• South-facing rooms: In rooms that face south, lastly, which get lots of strong and clear light from the sun during the day, Sea Salt tends to bring out more of its green tones because of the warm lighting.

Also, using warmer bulbs can achieve the same results as a south-facing room, and bright white or bluish artificial lighting can get you similar results to a north-facing room.

In all, when choosing a paint color like Sea Salt with a fairly high LRV, it is best used in a room that does not get too much natural lighting in order to make it appear brighter.

Using it in a space with a lot of natural light, and even a substantial amount of artificial lighting, makes the paint look less green and appear to lose some color.

Sea Salt: This or That?

Warm or Cool?

While Sea Salt is a calm green shade that leans more towards yellow than blue, and may be expected to be warmer, its bluish gray undertones make it a definite cool color.

Trendy or Classic?

Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams is definitely popular with modern homeowners because this paint can be used in a variety of spaces. However, it is a classic paint color.

Retro or Contemporary?

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt is a mild and timeless paint color. It is still relevant in contemporary home decor but it has a vintage, retro vibe about it. Neutrals, blacks and whites have a more contemporary feel.

Masculine or Feminine Appeal?

Sea Salt can be used in a wide variety of spaces. It is, for the most part, a gender-neutral paint color but because of its brightness, it may have a slightly more feminine appeal.

Mood and Feel

What is the mood and/or feel of Sea Salt? Knowing this detail can help you choose what area to use this paint in. It is a cool and relaxing green.

Because it is such a soft color, Sea Salt has tranquil, serene psychological effects. Its gray and blue undertones add even more calmness.

Sea Salt Complementary Colors and Pairing Ideas

Sea Salt Complementary Colors 1

Complementary or opposite colors are pairs of colors that, when combined, produce white or black because they “cancel each other out”.

These color pairs contrast each other so much when placed side by side, that they are opposite each other on the color wheel. The direct opposite of green on the color wheel is red.

For this reason, several shades of the derivatives of red (like dusty pink, orange and coral—pink—orange) provide contrast with or against the cool, soothing light green of Sea Salt.

Some complementary paint colors for Sea Salt are Accessible Beige, Practical Beige, Silver Peony and Smoky Salmon by Sherwin Williams, and Pink Blossom and Pink Ruffle by Benjamin Moore.

You can also use bold, dark colors to create a contrast against this calmer tone. Some ideas are Iron Ore by Sherwin Williams and Hale Navy, Lucerne and Newport Green by Benjamin Moore.

Sea Salt and Accessible Beige

Accessible Beige (SW 7036) is a sandy light brown color with cool gray undertones. This beige belongs to the neutral family and can add warmth to any space. It pairs well with Sea Salt.

Sea Salt and Pink Blossom

Pink Blossom (2081-40) is a subdued or muted pink by Benjamin Moore. It contrasts Sea Salt beautifully so you can use it to add a pop of color to your space.

Sea Salt and Pink Ruffle

Another derivative of red by Benjamin Moore is Pink Ruffle (2081-50). It is bright and cool pink that can serve as a contrast to Sea Salt but at the same time maintain a tranquil feel.

Sea Salt and Practical Beige

Practical Beige (SW 6100) is a warm, neutral beige in the orange family. It is a good contrasting color for Sea Salt.

Sea Salt and Silver Peony

Silver Peony (SW 6547) is another light color with an airy feel. While providing contrast with its red undertones, this violet paint can add to the sense of calm in a space with Sea Salt.

Sea Salt and Smoky Salmon

Smoky Salmon (SW 6331) is a light orange paint in the red color family. It is a very suitable hue for both interior and exterior walls, as it balances warmth and lightness beautifully.

Sea Salt Coordinating Colors and Pairing Ideas

Sea Salt Coordinating Colors

In this section, we will learn some examples of colors that you can pair or coordinate with Sea Salt to accentuate it well. This gives you an idea of other colors to use in your space.

This muted green paint goes very well with both warm and cool colors. Generally, shades of white and blue, neutral colors and other greens turn out to be great coordinating colors for Sherwin Williams Sea Salt.

Some of the best pairing ideas for Sea Salt are with Drizzle, Egret White, Fleur de Sel, Repose Gray, Spare White and Summit Gray by Sherwin Williams, and Kittery Point Green and Palladian Blue by Benjamin Moore.

Sea Salt and Drizzle

Drizzle (SW 6479) is a medium tone, neither too dark nor too light, in the blue family. This paint has cool green undertones which can add even more calmness to a space.

Sea Salt and Egret White

Egret White (SW 7570) is light and airy white with sandy beige undertones. This warm paint can range from gray to beige depending on the lighting.

Sea Salt and Fleur de Sel

Fleur de Sel (SW 7666) is a bright shade of white with faint green undertones. Like Sea Salt, it adds a tranquil coastal feel to your space.

Sea Salt and Kittery Point Green

Another coordinating color for Sea Salt is Kittery Point Green (HC-119) by Benjamin Moore. With an LRV of 56 and muted yellow undertones, it is a calming, fairly bright green paint.

Sea Salt and Palladian Blue

Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue (HC-114) is a soft and airy light blue with green undertones. It evokes images of the sky and is a great paint to use with Sea Salt in a coastal themed space.

Sea Salt and Repose Gray

Repose Gray (SW 7015) is a light, neutral gray with a balance of cool, tranquil and warm, tender tones. Use this with Sherwin Williams Sea Salt to maintain a calm, coastal vibe.

Sea Salt and Spare White

Spare White (SW 6203) is another white paint that pairs well with Sea Salt. It is a bright white with subtle green undertones. Because of the calm it adds, it is great in bedrooms and baths.

Sea Salt and Summit Gray

Lastly, Summit Gray (SW 7669) is a timeless dark gray color. With an LRV of 30 and a very faint purple undertone, this paint also pairs adequately with Sea Salt.

Finish Options and Trim Color for Sea Salt

The finish or sheen of a paint simply means the amount of light that reflects off a painted surface after it has dried. This affects how shiny the paint is when dry, how durable the paint is on the surface, and how easy it will be to clean.

There are six types of paint finishes, which most paints have: high-gloss, semi-gloss, satin, low-luster, eggshell and flat or matte paint finishes. High-sheen or high-gloss surfaces are tough, stain resistant and easy to clean.

However, surfaces with high-gloss sheen tend to attract more attention to themselves, especially when used in interior spaces so if your intent for a particular area is to hide it, avoid a glossy finish for your Sea Salt paint.

Semi-gloss paints are still reflective, durable and easy to clean, but not as much as high-gloss paints. In between your glossy and matte finishes, satin, low-luster and eggshell finishes are warm, somewhat reflective still and stain resistant still.

The last category is flat or matte paints. They are not reflective and so they do not attract as much attention to themselves, thus making it easier for them to hide defects.

It is ideal to use this finish on any surface you’d like to mute. It is quite difficult to remove stains from paints that this finish is applied to. There is another option — to mix two sheens and achieve an in-between finish.

Now that we have explored different finish options, it is up to you to choose a sheen or finish for Sea Salt depending on where you would like to use it. Satin finishes are best for baths, and eggshell or satin finishes for living and dining rooms.

You can use glossy finishes (high-gloss and semi-gloss) on surfaces like wood and house trim. Trim is the collective name for practical and decorative materials used to cover gaps between two areas, or encase fixtures like windows and doors.

Choosing a suitable paint color is not all there is to a paint job; it is also important to choose a good trim color. For Sea Salt it is generally a good idea to use bright, crisp whites or off-white.

Where to Use Sea Salt

Real-Lifea Photos of Spaces Sea Salt Works In
Source: @sarahgtucker

Sea Salt works in coastal or modern themed houses. It can be used on accent walls, although it is not commonly used this way, or it may be used throughout a room: on all the walls.

A light color like this is also used on the walls in entire homes and, as a more recent trend, on cabinets. Its tranquil effect makes Sea Salt a go-to paint for bathrooms and bedrooms.

See some real life photos of this paint color as it works beautifully in different spaces below:

Sea Salt on a Front Door

Sea Salt on a Front Door
Source: @barnhousemomma

The front door of this coastal themed home is painted with Sherwin Williams Sea Salt and it looks absolutely inviting, with its gray undertones displayed beautifully.

Sea Salt in a Family Room

Sea Salt in a Family Room
Source: @davisthrifts

Paired with whites and other bluish greens, Sea Salt is calming and relaxing in this family room.

Sea Salt on an Exterior Wall

Sea Salt on an Exterior Wall
Source: @paintprosusa

The exterior side walls of this home are painted Sea Salt, with off-white trim color, and the paint’s bluish gray undertones are highlighted.

Sea Salt in a Living Room

Sea Salt in a Living Room
Source: @artisticromantic

We see Sea Salt used on all the walls in a living room with white trim and gray and off-white decor options.

Sea Salt in a Dining Room

Sea Salt in a Dining Room
Source: @ournewsoftplacetoland

This bright, gorgeous dining room has Sea Salt paint on the walls, with wooden furniture, white ceilings and gray and white decor.

Sea Salt on Cabinets

Sea Salt on Cabinets
Source: @littleblue.48

This kitchen looks tranquil and classy with Sea Salt on the cabinets. The paint is paired with white marble countertops and green-gray walls.

Sea Salt in a Kitchen

Sea Salt in a Kitchen
Source: @jesseefarmhouse

Here, we have another kitchen; this time the walls are painted with Sea Salt, the cabinets white and the countertops marble. The bright kitchen looks cool, crisp and calm.

Sea Salt in a Bathroom

Sea Salt in a Bathroom
Source: @ourdellhome

Sea Salt paint is seen on the walls of this bathroom, which obviously has low natural light levels. The paint brightens up the space, with white and wooden decor.

Sea Salt in Bedrooms

Sea Salt in Bedrooms
Source: @northwesternhf

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt gives these bedrooms a bright coastal vibe, with white trim and sometimes dark, contrasting furniture.

Sea Salt in a Mudroom

Sea Salt in a Mudroom
Source: @omggracious

Lastly, Sea Salt looks charming on the cabinets of this mudroom, accentuated beautifully with the white walls and door, wooden floors and blue decor.

Similar Color Comparisons

Sea Salt vs Comfort Gray

Sea Salt vs Comfort Gray

Comfort Gray (SW 6205) is a light gray paint with cool gray undertones. With its LRV of 53, Sea Salt is a little lighter than it. Comfort Gray also has less blue and more gray than Sea Salt.

Sea Salt vs Oyster Bay

Sea Salt vs Oyster Bay

Oyster Bay (SW 6206) is another light shade of green that is similar to Sea Salt. However, with an LRV of 44, it is deeper and cooler, with slate blue undertones and a more neutral vibe.

Sea Salt vs Pearl Gray

Sea Salt vs Pearl Gray

Yet another green paint close to Sea Salt is Pearl Gray (SW 0052). It is almost as light, with an LRV of 61, but it is a paler shade of green with more obvious gray tones underneath.

Sea Salt vs Quiet Moments

Sea Salt vs Quiet Moments

Quiet Moments (1563) by Benjamin Moore is another light, airy paint that can add to a home’s coastal feel. It has an LRV of 60.73 and combines green, blue and gray gorgeously.

Sea Salt vs Rainwashed

Sea Salt vs Rainwashed

Sherwin Williams Rainwashed (SW 6211) is quite like Sea Salt in that they are light greens with blue undertones and give us a feel of the waterside. This paint, with an LRV of 59, is only a bit darker.

Other Brands’ Alternatives to Sea Salt

Brands’ Alternatives to Sea Salt -

Sea Salt Behr Equivalent: Brook Green

Behr Brook Green (N410-2) is slightly brighter than Sea Salt, its LRV being 68. It is a gentle green with more of gray than blue undertones.

Sea Salt Benjamin Moore Equivalent: Gray Cashmere

Gray Cashmere (2138-60) by Benjamin Moore is another option you can use. It differs from Sea Salt in that it is a soft, airy gray with blue and green notes, and a higher LRV of 64.53.

Sea Salt Farrow & Ball Equivalent: Skylight

Farrow & Ball Skylight (No. 205) is another calming paint color similar to Sea Salt. It is almost as bright, with an LRV of 62.16. However, it is a pale blue with gray and green undertones.

Sea Salt PPG Equivalent: Bay of Fundy

Bay of Fundy (PPG10-07) is a very close paint to Sherwin Williams Sea Salt. They are both light greens with bluish gray undertones and an LRV of 63.

Sea Salt Valspar Equivalent: Sage Morsel

With an LRV of 61.66, the last Sea Salt alternative or equivalent we cover is Valspar Sage Morsel (5005-1C). It is a bright green with gray undertones.

Price and Availability

You can easily order a gallon of Sea Salt paint on the Sherwin-Williams website. Samples go for anywhere between $5 and $10. Per gallon, prices range from $42.5 to $116.5 depending on sheen.


I hope you enjoyed learning about Sherwin Williams Sea Salt in this review as much as I enjoyed telling you about it! Now, with all this information at your disposal, you are better equipped to choose what space to use this paint color in.

We have learnt all about Sea Salt’s LRV, how different lighting conditions affect it, its undertones, pairing ideas with both complementary and coordinating colors, similar colors, other brands’ equivalents and more.

A beautiful, soothing paint like Sea Salt is one that you could use in any space to give it a calming effect — be it a cozy traditional home or a more modern one. Have fun with it, and do come back for more!

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