Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray: How & Where to Use


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Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray is a popular paint color in their neutral collection. It is a versatile gray tone with a moderate hint of warmth that flatters various interior styles.

With the perfect amount of depth, it is ideal for making a subtle statement without overwhelming the space. It is a mid-tone gray that serves as an ideal transition between light and dark colors. Thanks to its classic and timeless appeal, it is part of the top 50 best sellers by Sherwin Williams.

We can describe Dorian Gray as a cozy color that flatters traditional and transitional styles but also fits modern schemes. Its overall vibe is calm, serene, and elegant.

With so many grays on the market, you might be in doubt when choosing the right fit for your painting project. We share everything you need to know about Dorian Gray to help you decide!

Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray Overview

Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray Overview

  • LRV: 39
  • RGB: (172, 167, 158)
  • Hex Value:  #ACA79E

Dorian Gray Paint LRV

Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray has an LRV of 39, meaning it is a mid-tone gray. We will explain if you aren’t familiar with the LRV scale. This scale indicates how light or dark a color is, ranging from 0 to 100.

The higher the number, the lighter the color, meaning 0 is black and 100 is white. Therefore, Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray might not be the lightest color and has moderate depth.

The LRV value is beneficial when comparing colors to determine which is lighter or darker. This helps you pick a deeper shade to make accent walls stand out.

Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray Undertones

Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray belongs to the yellow hue family. The color is a warm gray that tends to look relatively neutral. It isn’t too dark or light and has a good amount of depth.

When talking about undertones, it is essential to note that this color doesn’t have strong ones. Even though it keeps its neutral nature, the gray still manages to change under different light conditions.

Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray has minimal purple undertones, which can be more prominent in uneven lighting. Also, you need to know that this paint color can appear differently in different types of natural light.

The north-facing and south-facing windows don’t produce the same light. South-facing windows flood the space with warm light, meaning the warm undertones will be more prominent.

In such conditions, Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray will look warmer. Yet it will still keep its neutral side and won’t look greige.

Rooms with north-facing windows receive cool light, which tends to camouflage the warm undertones. Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray will keep its gray base in north-facing rooms but still has a minimal Walmart.

Dorian Gray is perfect for a north-facing room where you want to introduce a touch of warmth. The color won’t look too start and still hold on to its warmth, but it won’t look muddy.

Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray Finishes

Sherwin-Williams offers a range of finishes. Even though you would primarily depend on longevity to pick the right finish, remember that it will impact the color’s depth. In addition, we explain how the different finishes will affect Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray.

  • Flat: The flat finish has a matte appearance and no luster, resulting in low reflection. Therefore Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray will look slightly darker.
  • Eggshell: This finish has a minimal sheen, which might not impact the color’s appearance.
  • Semi-gloss: The finish provides medium to moderate reflection, making the color look slightly lighter or won’t impact the color at all.
  • Gloss: The high gloss finish has a highly reflective surface that makes colors appear lighter.

Since the finish can impact the final look of your paint colors, we would strongly recommend sampling. A peel-and-stick sample is the best way to assess a color in your space under your specific lighting conditions.

Dorian Gray Coordinating Colors

Dorian Gray Coordinating Colors -

According to Sherwin Williams, the coordinating colors for Dorian Gray are Eider White, Skyline Steel, and Jasper Stone. Whether you’re after curating a monochrome scheme or want to add subtle interest, these choices help you achieve the desired effect.

Eider White

Sherwin Williams Eider White is an off-white paint color with a gray undertone. Its cool undertones perfectly pair with Dorian Gray’s neutral side.

With an LRV of 73, it sits higher on the scale than Dorian Gray. The difference in depth provides beautiful contrast, ideal for creating an accent wall. Moreover, Eider White can be a good trim color.

Skyline Steel

Skyline Steel belongs in the timeless color collection. It is a gorgeous light gray with a warm undertone, perfect for curating a monochrome palette. Its warm nature perfectly pairs with Dorian Gray’s subtle warm hints.

Jasper Stone

If you wish to add a pop of color to elevate the gray tone, Jasper Stone is a perfect coordinating color for Dorian Gray. The calming blue-green color pairs well, thanks to its gray undertones.

The muted color keeps the soft look but still adds a fresh pop of energy. Dorian Gray and Jasper Stone work perfectly to set a calm and serene ambiance in the bedroom.

Dorian Gray Sherwin Williams Exterior

Dorian Gray Sherwin Williams Exterior
Credit: @the.painted.piano

Sherwin Williams’s dorian gray is an excellent choice for exterior paint. Its timeless appeal and neutral nature make it a perfect fit for various architectural styles. It stands out nicely among the green foliage and makes a subtle statement.

The versatility of this mid-tone gray makes it ideal for creating color palettes. You can go with crisp white for the trim to highlight the architectural features, but its neutral nature also allows the use of warm whites.

The classic gray works well for cozy and traditional homes but flatters modern architecture. It pairs well with different textures like dark wood, metal, bricks, and stone. It helps curate a contemporary color palette when paired with darker gray hues.

Don’t forget that different factors will determine the final appearance of sherwin williams Dorian Gray. The amount of sunlight that hits the exterior and the direction it’s facing have a substantial impact on the color.

Dorian Gray Sherwin Williams Interior

Dorian Gray Sherwin Williams Interior
Credit: @natassjadesigns

Its versatile nature allows Dorian Gray to be used in any room. It is the perfect wall paint to add subtle depth or set a focal point.

Moreover, don’t forget that gray is a timeless color choice for the kitchen. Gray cabinets are a timeless classic that never goes out of style.

When talking about styles, Dorian Gray leans more toward traditional and transitional styles. It is a neutral color that sets a cozy mood while not overwhelming the space.

Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray Cabinets

Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray Cabinets
Credit: @hartwares

Medium gray colors are perfect for painting the cabinets. We love this kitchen’s crisp and clean look, where the warm gray brings charm.

The gray is subtle enough to set a base for layering decor. Marble countertops perfectly complement the neutral tone, and the natural veining stands out.

Dorian Gray Bedroom

Dorian Gray Bedroom
Credit: @thistlegroveinteriors

Dorian Gray helps set a serene mood in the bedroom, perfect for a good night’s sleep. We love how they layered different gray tones to create a modern, sophisticated setting. The wall paint perfectly fits the narrative, adding the right amount of depth for stunning visual interest.

Dorian Gray Bathroom

Dorian Gray Bathroom
Credit: @ozarkmoderncottages

Dorian Gray is the perfect paint color for bathroom walls. It helps set a relaxing ambiance while still bringing a modern feel. It helps turn a bathroom into a cozy home spa where you can relax and unwind after a long day.

Dorian Gray Living Room

Dorian Gray Living Room
Credit: @identicalliving

Since the fireplace is the natural focal point, highlighting the wall around it directs attention. Dorian Gray has enough depth to make an accent wall stand out without adding visual weight. It perfectly flatters the crisp white fireplace enhanced with bricks.

What Color Goes Well With Dorian Gray?

Off-whites are a safe bet if you’re looking for the perfect trim paint color that pairs with Dorian Gray. Swiss Coffee and Shoji White are classic warm whites that go well with the medium deep gray color.

Thanks to the neutral side, Dorian Gray pairs well with crisp whites. Choose SW Extra White for the trim if you’re after a fresh and clean look. If you wish to add dark accents for a dramatic look, Urbane Bronze and Black Fox are good picks.

Pure White is another excellent choice for the trim. It is a slightly warm color that doesn’t look too yellow. While it still holds onto its neutral side, Pure White is a safe choice that won’t clash with the walls.

High Reflective White is another option that provides a sharp difference between the wall and trim. The crisp tone stands out nicely against mid-tone gray walls.

If you wish to curate a modern and neutral color scheme, pair Dorian Gray with other grays or greige. Deep blue also works well as an accent color toned down by neutral gray.

Pairing Dorian Gray with muted pink helps you create a subtle feminine color palette. Lighter grays also work well for a simple color scheme.

Color Comparison

Sherwin-Williams has a wide range of mid-tone grays, so you can easily find an alternative. Sometimes the undertone or depth won’t fit your current needs. In addition, we compare some of the most popular Sherwin-Williams grays with Dorian Gray so you can understand the differences.

Dorian Gray vs. Mindful Gray

Dorian Gray vs. Mindful Gray

Dorian Gray and Mindful Gray are both classic gray colors from the Sherwin-Williams collection. When compared, Mindful Gray looks lighter and warmer.

Mindful Gray tends to look greige, while Dorian Gray keeps its neutral gray base. With an LRV of 48, Mindful Gray is visibly lighter. As a reminder, Dorian Gray has an LRV of 39.

Dorian Gray vs. Dovetail

Dorian Gray vs. Dovetail

Both Dorian Gray and Dovetail have passive warmth. However, the difference is in the depth. Dovetail is a darker gray tone with an LRV of 26, lower than 39. If Dorian Gray looks too light in your space, you can switch it to Dovetail.

Dorian Gray vs. Repose Gray

Dorian Gray vs. Repose Gray

Dorian Gray and Repose Gray have the same undertones and are found on the same color strip but differ in depth. When comparing these two colors, we can notice that Repose Gray is lighter with an LRV of 58. They both come from the yellow color family and have warm undertones.

Dorian Gray vs. Ellie Gray

Dorian Gray vs. Ellie Gray-

When it comes to depth, there isn’t a significant difference between Dorian Gray and Ellie Gray, with only one point on the LRV scale separating them. Dorian Gray has a more pronounced warmth, while Ellie Gray has green-yellow undertones.

Dorian Gray vs. Agreeable Gray

Dorian Gray vs. Agreeable Gray -

Dorian Gray has a deeper tone than Agreeable Gray, with an LRV of 60. Also, Agreeable Gray belongs in the greige color family, meaning its warm undertones are more pronounced.

Colors Similar to Dorian Gray

Colors Similar to Dorian Gray --

If you can’t get Dorian Gray, there are alternatives from other brands. Benjamin Moore Cape May Cobblestone is a color similar to SW Dorian Gray. It comes with an LRV of 40, which is very close to Dorian Gray in depth.

Benjamin Moore Cape May Cobblestone

Cape May Cobblestone is a cool gray with slight hints of warmth. As same as Dorian Gray, it still keeps its neutral feel. The elegant tone is ideal for making the space look visually larger.

Benjamin Moore Sea Gull Gray

Sea Gull Gray has an LRV of 39, identical to Dorian Gray. Even though these colors look similar, the undertones have a pronounced difference. Sea Gull Gray has warm undertones and leans more towards greige.

BEHR Winter Rye

Winter Rye is a mid-tone gray with an LRV of 40, pretty close to Dorian Gray in depth. It is a silverish gray that keeps its neutral tone while still having a touch of creaminess.

PPG Hot Stone

Hot Stone is a mid-tone gray in the PPG assortment. It has warm undertones, the same as Dorian Gray. With an LRV of 40, this color sits very close on the scale.

The Psychological Effect of Dorian Gray

Dorian Gray is a mid-tone gray that is relaxing and soothing. It stands for achieving balance since it is in the middle between gray and black. As it is a neutral color, it can make you feel balanced.

The soothing nature of Dorian Gray makes it perfect for setting a calm mood in the ideal space for the bedroom and bathroom. Moreover, you would want to be careful when implementing gray colors in working areas.

Gray might lack the energy and enthusiasm, so use it sparingly in corporate or home offices. Avoid using gray as a dominant color and try to add colorful accents to set the desired mood.

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