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Scandinavian ownership ushers Stanley Furniture into its second century

As April 2024, marks a century of excellence in American craftsmanship for Stanley Furniture, the brand stands on the brink of an exciting new era. With its recent acquisition by Scandinavian investors, Stanley Furniture is poised to blend its rich legacy with a new perspective that promises to redefine the premium furniture market.

Founded in 1924 in Henry County, Virginia, by Thomas Bahnson Stanley, a visionary with deep ties to the furniture industry, Stanley Furniture quickly became synonymous with quality and innovation. From its origins in the small community of Stanleytown, the company grew to become a pillar of American furniture making, celebrated for its dedication to craftsmanship and community.

The brand has weathered many storms, including the Great Depression and the challenges of globalization. This resilience is a testament to its foundational values and the solid community that has stood by it through the past century.

Now, under new Scandinavian ownership, Stanley Furniture is set to infuse its traditional craftsmanship with Nordic sustainability, while continuing to honor the brand’s commitment to quality and detail. The Scandinavian influence will also bring new technologies and sustainable practices that promise to enhance the production process and create more environmentally friendly products.

As we celebrate this pivotal moment, we are not just commemorating a century of furniture making but are also eager to get going on the refocusing of the Stanley Furniture brand on its premium craftsmanship core that this new ownership will bring. We are excited to see how Stanley Furniture will continue to evolve and inspire, building on a century-long legacy to craft the future of premium furniture quality design.

Stay tuned as we embark on this journey into our second century.


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